Tailored Network Applications
This section has been conceived to provide a platform in which to develop your project using simple guidelines through the form below. We will provide a basic insight and suggestions for your project free of charge.
We ask for your name and email address to facilitate communications, and the project name and type to give a preview of the kind of project you would like to realise. The project type entails the type of project that you would like to outline, such as data management application, schedule management application or analytics application for example.
The description field is meant for a description of your project, giving the basic outline of what you would like to obtain and what type of application you would prefer; a standalone app, a browser application or both.
When developing a project we like to think along with you to provide optimal customisation and functionality, which is why we have included the purpose field. This field will contain the reason for which you require the project, rather than what capabilities you require of it. This will allow us to better analyse your need and make suggestions of our own.
The functionality fields are meant for more in depth descriptions of any functions you may need in your application. This may entail functionalities that will affect the workflow of your application, the interface of your application, the type of management functionalities you require, whether you need a customer or user space, and anything else you can think of to describe your application's needs.
Upon submission of the project, you will receive a confirmation of the submission along with your personal login details. In your account you will be able to view your submitted projects and make any alterations you like.
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