Tailored network applications

Tailored network-based software applications serve to perform singular or multiple related specific tasks in a multi-user intranet and extranet environment, improving the productivity and efficiency of the company, and allowing users to work from anywhere.
This software can be produced for a variety of purposes — the three most common purposes are to meet specific needs of a specific customer/company, a perceived need for a group of potential users, or to automate an everyday task or an entire workflow process.

The ubiquity of the internet makes it the ideal platform for such tailored network applications.
At ALLMANSLAND, we develop tailored network applications with desktop-like interfaces and functionalities which are carried out in a browser window. The software we make is conceived as a real application, instead of a set of interrelated webpages with functionalities.

This approach allows us to create applications that are extremely flexible and customizable and which, with a short learning curve, are easy and fun to use. A full documentation will, of course, be provided as part of the software.


  • No download/installation
    • It’s all on an online or local server
  • Low development costs
    • Compared to native software
  • Efficiency & Productivity
    • All tasks in an unified interface
  • Data sharing
    • Multiple users access
  • Output for web or print
    • High quality output
  • Remote maintenance
    • Instant enhancements and updates
  • Access from anywhere
    • With a connection and a browser

Easy to use interfaces

We know that well-designed interfaces should facilitate finishing the task at hand, without drawing unnecessary attention to itself. Users must feel themselves at home and easily deal with the application in a familiar-looking front-end interface. And although the interface is easy to use, there are many smart and underlying functions. The interfaces adapt themselves to the task at hand and you constantly have all the tools you need right at your disposal. You never lose focus from the task you’re working on.

Efficiency and productivity

Network applications often make intensive calls on a server, when many users need to make connections to process their data. This usually leads to a significant slowdown of the server, when several users are connected simultaneously. To prevent this, we develop our applications to make use of the clients’ machines to carry out most of the job, before returning the data result to the server. In this way, the execution of the processing of data is distributed over multiple processors, which increases efficiency and productivity.

Remote maintenance

The advantage of applications stored on a server, online or private, is that functionality enhancements, maintenance and updates can be done remotely and that they are immediately operative and accessible for all users.

Extensions for mobile devices

There is also the possibility of developing an extension of the tailored software for mobile devices, that communicates with the software on the server. Anyone, working outside the company’s office, can then communicate the progress of their activities, by means of their mobile phone. In this way, the company is always informed of outdoor activities and is able to optimize workflow.

The way we work

We make full use of the Internet to keep in touch with our customers and for our clients to keep in touch with their projects. Each project is developed on a dedicated server of which we give you the IP address. You can follow “live” the development of your project. Communications between us and our clients will mainly take place via e-mail, phone and skype. This enables us to optimize our effectiveness, our working time and to contain the prices.

Your project?

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